About the product
Bookmark Ninja is an online bookmark manager and organizer tool. All the data are kept in the cloud, so you can instantly access your bookmarks from any desktop computer or mobile device. No synchronization is required.
It has a clean, easy-to-use user interface, has features like quick access to your frequently used bookmarks and handling large number of bookmarks. It also supports advanced tag management, which helps you in organizing and searching your bookmarks.
The Bookmark Ninja infrastructure is securely hosted in Amazon's Virginia data center.
About the developer
My name is Jozsef Torsan. I wrote the first line of code of Ninja in November 2014. At that time I was an employee of a multinational IT company, so I could develop Ninja only in part time. It was a hobby that I enjoyed so much.
After a year of part time coding, Ninja got into a pretty good shape, so I decided to make a product of it. At the end of 2015 I quit my job and since then I have been working on Ninja full time.
My goals for the upcoming years are to maintain the high level of usability and to continuously implement new features and improvements based on the customer feedback.